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Welcome to the website of myself, Tony Irvine. We all know, web design can be (read: usually is) expensive and it can be extremely gut wrenching to see all your hard work go unnoticed!!! Worse still, you spend thousands of dollars getting your business online only to have it all translate to nought. Unfortunately, this happens all the time! And why, do you ask...

Did you know the attention span of your
average web surfer is only 12 SECONDS!

And so you want a good looking yet cost effective website that loads quickly so your potential audience doesn't get tired and go elsewhere? That's where I come in!

The aim of this website is not only to promote my work,
but hopefully to de-mystify some of the terms webmasters like to bandy about!

Web design shouldn't JUST be about making money. Sometimes you want to part with information as well.

You'll often hear terms like Content Management, Blogs, Social Media.

But just what are these terms, what on earth do they mean and do you really need them? I've popped some links down below for you to read. Chances are you might need them, you might even use them. But if you don't, why bother paying for them?

If you are looking for just a small site that isn't going to be updated all that often, Content Management may in fact be a too bloated, over expensive option. You can have a nice looking site without Content Management (This site for example, is not Content Managed, however others I have designed and/or worked on are).

Whether you just want a quick website, or need something huge including things such as Content Management, as well as things such as Forums, I can set up all of that! Quickly and affordably.

So, have a look around. With luck, you'll like my work and we can chat.


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